The Artists

“A Pleasing design line doesn’t need any embellishment, but embellishment can add to the fun.”

This is the motto Philip and Aurin Panepento have followed to create distinctive jewelry that has delighted people at Northwest art shows for years. Their inspiration comes from the universe around us: the vastness of the universe; the minutia of nature (a blossom or gracefully bending leaf) and the rocks, stones and pearls made by nature herself.

Aurin and Philip Panepento

Aurin and Philip Panepento

Having a natural aptitude, Philip studied art and jewelry design at the University of Arizona. Experience as an industrial model maker then gave him an appreciation for the endless potential of metals. Ultimately he developed his own proprietary metalworking technique that lets the Panepentos create pieces that are light, graceful and easy to wear while also being amazingly durable. Aurin credits Philip for the training he’s given which enables her to design and create as well.

Through the years, the work of these fine jewelers has won a variety of awards at many Northwest art shows.

Living a quiet life with their cats among the fir and cedar trees of rural Oregon, both Aurin and Philip are fascinated by nature. Occasionally Philip even digs and cuts or facets stones for special pieces. They both try to incorporate natural stones or pearls in each piece they create.